Empowered and Equipped

by Julia B. Higgins, Jen Wilkin

Empowered and Equipped

by Julia B. Higgins, Jen Wilkin

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In Empowered and Equipped, professor and speaker Julia Higgins outlines simple principles and step-by-step guidance for interpreting, applying, and teaching God's Word with clarity and effectiveness.


“Jesus commissioned disciples to teach the nations, and women of the church must take his call seriously.”

Men and women alike are given the spiritual gift of teaching, yet few resources are designed specifically for women who exposit the Scriptures. In Empowered and Equipped, Julia Higgins steers women through the steps needed to faithfully interpret, apply, and teach a passage of Scripture. By examining both the principles and practices of teaching of Bible exposition, Higgins seeks to prepare women in the local church to make and mold disciples.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Jen Wilkin
Introduction: Why Should Women Teach the Bible?
Chapter 1 The Nature of the Bible
Chapter 2 The Overarching Story of the Bible
Chapter 3 The Genres of the Bible
Chapter 4 Discovering the Meaning of the Text
Chapter 5 Observing the Text
Chapter 6 Interpreting and Generalizing the Text
Chapter 7 Applying and Implementing the Text
Chapter 8 From Study to Presentation
Chapter 9 The Life of the Teacher
Chapter 10 Doctrinal Teaching
Chapter 11 Contexts for Teaching Women God’s Word
Appendix: Teaching Manuscript Template

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