by Malcolm Yarnell

Hardcover, Jacketed
Intended to be read by the everyday follower of Christ, readers will find a compelling and accessible explanation of the Doctrine of God that can be explored as an individual or within a group.


Knowing, loving, and worshiping God is the call and privilege of every disciple of Jesus. Because all Christians are part of his royal priesthood, theology is not just for those teaching in the academy or serving in ministry vocations.

Theology proper centers on God, exploring his existence, his divine nature, his Persons, and his attributes. In this book you will find an overview of these truths in the doctrine of God as well as other great truths in the doctrine of divine revelation.

You are not simply setting out on a journey toward deeper knowledge. If theological study only results in knowing abstract truths about God, then we have not done theology well. Right theology invariably leads to right living and right worship, and this is our ultimate goal in these books and in this life.

God is the first volume of a three-part series entitled Theology for Every Person. The other volumes will include God’s Word to the World, which considers God in Christ and his works of creation, humanity, and redemption, and God’s Work in the World, which explores God the Holy Spirit and the divine works of salvation, the church, and the end.

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