God in Eternity and Time

by Robert E. Picirilli

God in Eternity and Time

by Robert E. Picirilli

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God in Eternity and Time presents a fresh solution to the question of determinism versus human freedom, starting from the vantage point of God’s words and acts in creation.


When theology begins with God’s eternal will and knowledge, determinism results. In God in Eternity and Time, eminent scholar Robert Picirilli argues that we should look first to God’s creation and the incarnation—to the created order where God has chosen to act and reveal himself. As God’s decrees and foreknowledge in eternity are then read in light of his acts within time, his interactions with human beings on the personal level clearly reveal themselves.

God in Eternity and Time is divided into two sections. The first part explores how God speaks and acts in creation. The second carefully examines foreknowledge and “middle knowledge” to demonstrate the fallacy of logical arguments against freedom based on foreknowledge. Based on these two sections, the reader will discover Picirilli’s fresh argument for libertarian human freedom.

Table of Contents

Part One: The Acts of Eternal God in Time and Space
1. Speaking about God: Preliminary Considerations
2. The Immutability of God
3. The Incredible Act of Creation
4. The Incarnation of God
5. Reading the Bible: Examples of God at Work in This World (Part I)
6. Reading the Bible: Examples of God at Work in This World (Part II)

Part Two: The Knowledge of Eternal God about Time and Space
7. The Problem of Foreknowledge—and the Solution
Excursus: Paul Helm’s Argument from Foreknowledge against Human Freedom
8. More about Foreknowledge in Eternity and Time
9. Why Open Theism Does Not Work
10. More Issues Related to God’s Foreknowledge
11. Foreknowledge and Middle Knowledge

Part Three: Wrapping Up
12. God and Man and Theology in the Exodus
13. Creation Theology

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