God’s Go-Togethers

by Sam Allberry, Christine Grove

God's Go-Togethers

by Sam Allberry, Christine Grove

This picture book offers a fun look at things that go together—or complement each other—in God’s creation, showing how men and women are one of His very special pairs and part of His good plan.


Lila and Ethan are having a great day at the beach. The wind is helping their kites soar, and their new bucket and shovel work perfectly together. But when Ethan tries to put ketchup on his donut and realizes it’s not a yummy match, Aunt May helps explain how some things are particularly designed to go together. And some special pairs have been together from the dawn of time.

In a world that constantly gives children a non-biblical view of marriage and pits manhood and womanhood against each other, this colorful picture book by Sam Allberry offers readers a thoughtful consideration of God’s good design for men and women. Much like how God made the land and the sea to go together, He made men and women to go together too; in fact, they’re the pinnacle of His good creation!

God’s Go-Togethers—a follow-up to the book God’s Signpost—is a helpful foundation for explaining why God made men and women as a special pair to complement each other in marriage and beyond!

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