Navigating Student Ministry

by Tim McKnight

Navigating Student Ministry

by Tim McKnight

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Navigating Student Ministry is a multi-contributor introductory textbook designed to help those who are discerning a call to student ministry, new to serving in this area of the church, or training others as they minister to students.


Teenagers are not a lost cause; they need wise leaders to help them along in their faith journeys. In Navigating Student Ministry, veteran student ministers with more than one hundred years of combined experience guide others through the often-challenging aspects of ministering to young people. This multi-contributor introductory textbook helps both those discerning a call to student ministry and those already invested in students. Editor Tim McKnight has crafted a book that can serve as both a topical resource and a comprehensive manual for those in the fun, exhausting, and eternally rewarding realm of student ministry.

Table of Contents

Foreword – Clayton King

Introduction: Preparing for your Journey – Tim McKnight

Chapter 1: Biblical and Theological Foundations for Student Ministry – Tim McKnight

Chapter 2: The Call to Student Ministry – Sam Totman

Chapter 3: The Life of the Student Minister – Tim McKnight

Chapter 4: Student Ministry and Leadership Development – Chandler Vannoy

Chapter 5: The Student Ministry Team – Tim McKnight

Chapter 6: Adolescent Development – Paul Kelly

Chapter 7: Student Ministry and Youth Culture – Karen Jones

Chapter 8: Student Ministry and the Family – Timothy Paul Jones

Chapter 9: Student Ministry and Evangelism – Justin Buchanan

Chapter 10: Student Ministry and Discipleship – R. Scott Pace

Chapter 11: Student Ministry and Technology – Sam Totman

Chapter 12: Welcome to the Future: Student Ministry NextTroy Temple

Chapter 13: Conclusion: Student Ministry Philosophy and Strategy Development – Tim McKnight

Appendix 1: Catechism Classes and Other Surprising Precedents for Age-Organized Ministries – Timothy Paul Jones

Appendix 2: Student Ministry and Parachurch Organizations – Jay Strack

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