Resting in God’s Sovereignty

by Ernest Easley

Resting in God's Sovereignty

by Ernest Easley

Through his own acceptance of God’s Sovereignty, seasoned pastor Ernest Easley recounts the stories of ten biblical figures that have rested in the sovereignty of God.


In the late nineties, Pastor Ernest Easley received difficult news from his doctor: a cancer diagnosis, of the throat. This diagnosis would be enough to cause any individual to fear for one’s life, to worry about whether or not tomorrow would be seen. But for Pastor Easley, this diagnosis, though tragic, would be an opportunity to learn to rest in the Sovereignty of God. Now more than twenty years later, the cancer is gone, but the lingering effects of twenty-four radiation treatments has left him with a withering voice. His doctors have told him that in a matter of years, he will no longer be able to speak. He will be a preacher who cannot preach.

And yet, we still find a man whose trust and reliance upon God has allowed him to know that even if he cannot speak or preach about God, that does not mean that God has lost his Sovereignty. He is still Lord. And even more so, Pastor Easley has Scripture to remind him that he is not the first who has had to come to terms with God’s Sovereignty. In Resting in the Sovereignty of God, readers will find not only the wisdom of a seasoned pastor who has learned the goodness that comes from trusting the Lord, but they will also discover ten biblical figures who trusted in the Lord as well.

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