The Ways of God, Updated Edition

by Richard Blackaby, Henry Blackaby

The Ways of God, Updated Edition

by Richard Blackaby, Henry Blackaby

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In this updated edition of bestselling book, The Ways of God, Richard Blackaby further discusses how the ways of God reflect His nature and glory.

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Have you ever been surprised or confused by what God did in your life or someone else’s? Did you expect God to act one way and then he did something entirely different? Have you ever prayed and asked God to do one thing but he did something entirely different? Have you ever made great sacrifices for God and then he chose not to bless your efforts? If so, the reason may be that you are unfamiliar with the ways of God. God’s ways are vastly different from ours. We will be constantly disappointed if we assume God will act the same way we would. The problem with the Church, at times, is that it tries to do God’s work, the world’s way. However, with God, how you do something is as important as what you do. If you intend to be a growing, fruitful disciple of Jesus, you must learn the ways of God.

Bestselling author Henry Blackaby along with Roy Edgemon originally wrote a book on this crucial subject. Now, Henry’s son Richard has produced a fresh, practical, and expansive treatment of these powerful truths. How do mere mortals relate to and understand a God who is spirit and infinitely greater, wiser, and holier than they are? How do we related to someone who has existed for eternity and who knows what lies ahead for all eternity to come? Blackaby identifies God’s ways and examines how they differ from ours. He also provides practical guidance so God’s ways can become ours. Do you want God to bless your efforts and to receive glory from your life? Learn to live your life according to the ways of God. If you do, you may well be swept up into the eternal purposes of almighty God.

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