This Homeward Ache

by Amy Baik Lee

This Homeward Ache

by Amy Baik Lee

Trade Paper
In her debut trade book, thoughtful and profound writer Amy Baik Lee offers a spellbinding exploration of the moments we feel stirred toward heaven, helping us see that these moments are meant to do more than point us to eternity—they are meant to help us live more fully here and now.
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The Gospel Coalition 2024 Book Awards, First-time Author, Award of Distinction

That sudden yearning you feel when you see a sunset. That pang of longing you sense deep in your bones when you attend a funeral or even gaze at a poignant piece of art. Those experiences that sting you to attention in moments of beauty, peace, or sorrow—the ones you can sense are offering you a twinkling, piercing hint of heaven:

Are these meant to do more than point you to eternity?

What if they could enable you to live more fully on the way there?

Through personal reflections, evocative stories, and profound writing, author Amy Baik Lee offers This Homeward Ache, inviting you to remember the times you've been deeply moved by a glimpse, a spark, of something you know is beyond the visible present—moments that other cultures and times have called Sehnsucht, saudade, hiraeth, or galmang. In each spellbinding chapter, Amy traces her own brushes with this longing, unfolding her discovery that it is designed to enrich and alter every area of our lives: our valleys of pain, our relationships with other people, and ultimately our reception of the love of God.

If you’ve ever wondered how to keep going in this world while holding on to the hope of the world to come, This Homeward Ache offers you courage, companionship, and a stirring sense of the scope of our journey home to Christ.

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