Where’s My Little Love Bug?

by Pamela Kennedy, Sebastien Braun

Where's My Little Love Bug?

by Pamela Kennedy, Sebastien Braun

In this sweet flap book, children will enjoy searching for all the little love bugs snug in their homes, while a mirror on the last page will reveal the child cuddled snuggly in their love one’s arms!


Where's my little love bug? Where's my lovey best? Did God tuck you in a treetop all snuggled in a nest?

In this sweet board book, children will spot new parent-child bug pairs and lift the flaps to find each little love bug with each turn of the page. The book’s colorful artwork and rhyming text show young learners that God puts all of His creatures—including bugs and kids—right where they belong! On the last page, young readers will look into a mirror, where they'll see themselves cuddling safe and sound with the adult who is reading to them.

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