• Apatheism


How We Share When They Don't Care
Kyle Beshears

How can you share the gospel with someone who doesn’t care? As Western culture becomes increasingly indifferent to questions of faith, diverted by secularism, comfort, and distraction, believers encounter many people who don’t so much doubt God as they are apathetic toward him. In Apatheism, Kyle Beshears urges us to recapture the joy of our salvation and demonstrates how to faithfully display the love of Christ to apatheist friends and neighbors.

about the author

Kyle Beshears (PhD, SBTS) serves as instructor of Christian studies and associate dean of the School of Christian Studies at the University of Mobile, and teaching pastor at Mars Hill Church in Mobile, AL.

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  • isbn: 9781535991520
  • status: Active
  • publish date: 03/15/2021
  • pages: 140
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