In Case You Forget

by Hannah Conway

In Case You Forget

by Hannah Conway

Hardcover, Printed

A 6-Week Devotional about Who You Are in Jesus

From changing friends to changing bodies to changing schools, transition seems endless for girls in their teenage years. In this six-week devotional, Hannah Conway calls teen girls to remember what stays the same amid all change: who they are in Jesus.


Everyone wants to tell teenage girls who they are—or at least who they are supposed to be.

They are supposed to be influencers. They are supposed to be straight-A students. They are supposed to have a full social calendar and know what career path they will follow and have an Instagram-worthy relationship. Navigating all these "supposed to" statements feels downright impossible if girls don't know who—or whose—they are.

In her six-week devotional, In Case You Forget, author Hannah Conway reminds teenage Christ followers who God says they are in His Word. They are made in God's image; they are loved by the maker of the universe; they are treasured; they are co-heirs to God's Kingdom. Many teen girls don't realize they are having an identity crisis, but Conway’s humorous and relatable writing style gives language to their confusion. Each devotion reminds girls they are not alone in their identity doubts and responds to those doubts with truths directly from God's Word. Through daily Bible reading, prayer, reflective questions, and opportunities to dive deeper into Scripture, In Case You Forget ultimately tells girls that the only person they are "supposed to be” is a child of God.

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