Never Ending

by Adam Cox, Oliver Averill

Never Ending

by Adam Cox, Oliver Averill

Hardcover, Printed

God’s faithfulness never ends! But what does it really mean that God is faithful? In this 52-week devotional, children’s ministry leaders from all over the country share stories and Scripture that reinforce God is always good, He never changes, and He can be trusted in every situation.

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God’s faithfulness never ends! God was faithful to Adam and Eve when He promised someone would come to save His people, He was faithful to the early church when they were persecuted, and He has been faithful ever since. In this 52-week devotional, general editor, Adam Cox defines God’s faithfulness as being always good, never changing, and trustworthy in every situation.

With more than twenty different kids and family leaders from churches across the country, this multi-contributor devotional includes stories of God’s faithfulness from Scripture, stories of His faithfulness from the writers’ childhood, prayer prompts, and reflection questions each week. Kids will learn that the same God who was faithful to the characters they know from the Bible is the God who is faithful to them today.

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